Join Lama Tulku, Elena Brower and a special circle of teachers, healers, athletes and wellness luminaries in creating the breakthrough conscious products of tomorrow.
 Always on the look-out for cool kids products (yoga, health, etc). I’d love to see kid sized stress balls. Seriously. I use them but they are too big for little hands and I’d love to see her trying before copying mommy is so-very-uncool. And we’re always on the look out for healthy delicious kid snacks! Keep it up YogaEarth.
I would love to see bath soaps, I love the essential oil idea you’ve been thinking of, and I wouldn’t mind having food bar or snack options that are not sugar based…more veggie based maybe. For the scent options I’m always in love with vanilla and citrus and would love to see an option for that, not just lavender or patchouli!
I’m watching my mailbox everyday, waiting for some quinoa-based bars to come. I heart Yoga Earth and am so proud to witness and contribute to the evolution of this company.
ॐ Very interested in anything to reduce stress. In our world now, yoga can’t heal all things, although it is a nice stress reliever. Once done with yoga the body needs to destress and is pretty sore. Products such as bath salts/oils/bath bombs and scrubs and washes would be amazing! Anything aromatherapy and theraputic is a good thing. I do Home childcare and I am married to a police officer so that is stressful all in itself. Anything to help you take a breath, get your om on and smile is much needed. Thank you for listening to my input and have a peaceful day. Namaste’ Tamela Passantino Hill ॐ.