Are nutritional supplements necessary if I eat a balanced diet?

The body exhausts critical nutrients through factors beyond an unbalanced diet, including an active and physically demanding lifestyle, mental exhaustion, the impact of stress on the immune system, cellular rigidity and rundown, and toxin buildup.

Nutritional supplements provide combinations of nutrients not found in even a balanced diet. These nutrients restore the body and mind, and support optimal performance beyond sedentary living.

How do YogaEarth products fit into my vitamin regimen? Should I alter my current vitamin or supplementation program?

The YogaEarth nutritional system complements any personalized vitamin regimen. Our products are the only custom-built formulas focused on a synergy with the health and life benefits of yoga. Balance and Vitality are for yoga enthusiasts who are interested in building upon the health benefits and complementing the mind-body equilibrium achieved through dedicated practice.

YogaEarth nutritional systems do not necessarily address specific nutrient deficiency states. If your physician has recommended specific vitamins or minerals to address a specific deficiency state, YogaEarth products should be taken in conjunction with, and not replace, this regimen.

Aren’t the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) levels sufficient for vitamin and mineral intake?

RDAs are meant for general population groups and averages based on sedentary, and not active, individuals. The RDA handbook states: “RDA should not be confused with requirements for a specific individual,” and are “not recommendations for an ideal diet.” RDAs should not be used as a tool to plan your diet, especially for people with physically active lives. Exercise and activity increases demands for vitamins and minerals not reflected in these minimum recommended levels.

Is either Vitamin E, or any single antioxidant ingredient, sufficient to neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidation?

Collectives of antioxidants should be in balance to derive maximum, comprehensive coverage in protecting against free radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Antioxidants tend to specialize in their benefits. For example, some keep free radicals from forming and metals from oxidizing, others clean up existing free radicals and stop ROS before a negative chain reaction begins, others correct damage already made by free radicals. Still others eliminate and replace molecules that have been contaminated.

Antioxidant solutions should not rely upon any single vitamin, amino acid, bioflavenoid, mineral or nutrient. A proper antioxidant strategy is full spectrum, and includes a cocktail of antioxidants to achieve balance and full coverage.

What is ATP and how does it work?

ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is the primary fuel and universal currency in human energy production. ATP is used by the cells for the majority of body activities and functions, including cellular reproduction, repair, growth, movement and metabolism.

ATP is a nucleotide (adenosine molecule, plus three inorganic phosphates) that contains large amounts of chemical energy store in its phosphate bonds, which release energy when broken down. ATP is produced within the mitochondria via cellular respiration.

Oxygen-dependent cellular respiration features three main stages: (1) Glycolysis: the six carbon sugar glucose molecule divided into two groups; (2) The Citric Acid Cycle – Kreb’s: conversion of two molecules into acetyl CoA and high-energy electrons in the presence of oxygen; and, (3) Electron Transfer: electron carriers in the membrane of the mitochondria and oxygen react to produce ATP.

How do elevated oxygen levels found in yogis contribute to sustained energy production?

Yogic breathing and practice enhances oxygen intake. Oxygen is used for all three stages of cellular respiration: (1) Glycolysis; (2) The Citric Acid Cycle – Kreb’s; and, (3) Electron Transfer. Cellular respiration in the mitochondria is critical to the production of ATP, the body’s primary building block for sustained energy production.

The equation for “Yogic Energy” is:

Cellular respiration in mitochondria + Vitality proprietary formula = Enhanced ATP capacity = Sustainable Cellular Energy

What is the importance of maintaining fluid balance and an optimal hydration state during yoga practice, or exercise? How do electrolytes support this?

The failure to maintain fluid balance and optimal hydration state in the body leads to premature fatigue, potential muscle cramping and imbalanced body temperature regulation. Both water and its electrolyte components are involved in the control of osmotic pressure, regulating the amount of fluid inside and outside cells.

Prior to yoga practice, or exercise, it is critical to preload electrolytes and establish optimal hydration. Even a minor level of dehydration (>2% body weight) creates a measurable difference in endurance and performance, and may take 24 hours or longer to reestablish health hydration states. During yoga practice, or exercise, practitioners rarely consume fluids at more than 70% of sweat loss, with most replacing sweat loss at rates much lower than this. To restore fluid balance and optimal hydration state in preparation for the transition “off the mat,” and back into the next session of yoga, practitioners should implement a fixed fluid replacement schedule supplemented by electrolyte replacement post-practice.

How do antioxidants benefit your health? Is this a key issue for yoga practitioners?

Antioxidants are enforcers that neutralize the elimination of free radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Free radicals and ROS are dangerous as they damage cells, weaken the immune system, poison enzymes, manufacture toxic chemicals and destroy cellular membranes with lipid peroxidation.

Full spectrum antioxidants are important to yoga practitioners as they help to channel high levels of oxygen intake and their byproducts into beneficial uses within the body. More specifically, they enable the body to focus on oxygenation and cellular respiration, while preventing oxidation as a byproduct of the metabolism of oxygen

What is the underlying philosophy for the development of YogaEarth products?

YogaEarth products are custom-built by and for the national yogi community to establish a class-to-life synergy based on yoga principles.

This underlying philosophy that drives our product development includes:

  • A holistic approach to integrate ingredients from disciplines including organics, herbals, Ayurveda and nutraceuticals.
  • A sustainable wellness methodology, based on a balanced diet, supplementation and a dedicated practice, designed to achieve incremental and enduring results, rather than merely quick fixes.
  • A focus on balancing the whole system through integrated and preventative care, rather than reacting to disease states and post-symptom health degeneration.
  • A system based on interconnectedness of body and mind to achieve higher levels of personal wellness.

How were YogaEarth products designed to synergize with yoga practice?

The 250 yoga teachers who co-designed YogaEarth products targeted two day-parts as related to yoga: Pre-Practice and Post-Practice. Balance, the Pre-Practice nutrition system, focuses on removing obstacles to a successful and fulfilling yoga practice, such as digestive issues, muscle fatigue and cramping, and mental clarity and focus. Vitality, the Post-Practice nutritional system, builds upon the health benefits of yoga from a nutritional base, including sustainable cellular energy and the replenishment of nutrients, including joint strengtheners and electrolytes

What are the specific functional health benefits of YogaEarth products?

YogaEarth nutritional systems keep you physiologically in line with the lifestyle dynamics of yoga. The synergy between Balance and Vitality prepares the mind and the body functionally for its top performance state by addressing a set nutrients, chemical elements and interactions defined by yoga teachers as critical to complementing the health and life benefits of yoga.

YogaEarth product benefits include:

  • Balance (Pre-Practice): Balances the yogi mind and body for optimal practice and healthy living.
    • Optimizes nutritional balance through improved intestinal flora.
    • Maximizes nutritional efficiency through optimal absorption and assimilation of nutrients, allowing the body to go further with the same “fuel”.
    • Balances mind through enhancement of cognitive function and clarity, increasing oxygen flow, blood circulation and calming of the brain.
    • Supports transfer of fluids and regulation of minerals, avoiding deficiency states, which may lead to cramping and muscle weakness during practice.
  • Vitality (Post-Practice): Synergizes with prana to produce sustainable cellular energy and restore core nutrients consumed by an active practice and life.
  • Nutrients in the formula combine with yogic breathing (O2) to produce sustainable, cellular energy via production of ATP – the primary energy currency and building block for body mechanics, processes and metabolism.
  • Synergy with high levels of oxygen in yogis provides the practitioner with non-CNS energy to support optimal performance and stamina “on and off the mat”.
  • Reintegrates nutrients following practice, including joint strengtheners and electrolytes.

How do YogaEarth products support optimal performance on and off the yoga mat?


  • Practice: Your practice will be more productive with the reduction of distractions, including mental wandering, digestive problems, cramping and muscle fatigue.
  • Life: Sharpens the mind for sustained concentration and cognitive function in everyday work and life routines. Increases efficiency of nutrient intake, and enables the body to go further with the same “fuel”. Promotes nutritional balance by breaking down nutrients (digestion), integrating nutrients into cells and tissues (absorption), and converting nutrient into the fluid or solid substance of the body itself (assimilation).


  • Practice: The only nutritional product to complement prana to produce sustained energy, endurance and stamina.
    • Equation for “Yogic Energy”: Cellular respiration in mitochondria + Vitality proprietary formula = Enhanced ATP capacity = Sustainable cellular energy production.
    • Vitality also puts back into the body key nutrients following practice, including joint strengtheners and electrolyte post-loading.
  • Life: Daily use promotes ATP and sustainable cellular energy production to meet daily demands without crashing or operating at constant energy deficits. Modern work/life demands, combined with chronic stress, sleep deficiency, processed foods and hormonal imbalances, lead to chronic fatigue and adrenal exhaustion, triggered by the “fight or flight” mechanism. Increasing your ATP stores with Vitality counteracts this imbalance by replenishing the cellular capacity for energy manufacture, metabolic function and core vitamins, minerals and co-factors.

Which ingredients did YogaEarth’s scientists, doctors and nutritionists select to achieve the Balance claim for “a balanced yogi mind and body”? Why was each ingredient selected?

Balances the yogi mind and body for optimal performance and healthy living.

The YogaEarth Nutritional Science Board selected an optimal blend of the ingredients below to achieve the product objectives based on carefully studied and tested dosage levels.

Which ingredients did YogaEarth’s scientists, doctors and nutritionists select to achieve the Vitality claim to “build cellular energy and restore core nutrients”? Why was each ingredient selected?

Synergizes with prana to produce sustainable cellular energy and restore core nutrients consumed by an active practice and life.

The YogaEarth Nutritional Science Board selected an optimal blend of the ingredients below to achieve the product objectives based on carefully studied and tested dosage levels.

What is the difference between YogaEarth’s energy system in Vitality, and traditional energy drinks and boosters?

Traditional energy drinks and boosters do not give your body the foundational energy building blocks to sustain endurance and peak performance for consistent periods of time. These products focus primarily on stimulating the Central Nervous System (CNS), and do not address the core of energy production and transfer (i.e., ATP). Caffeine-based and related energy drink stimulants work contrary to sustainable energy production and lead to inevitable crash due to an overworked glandular system, depleted vitamins B and C, magnesium and other microminerals.

Vitality is based on synergy with prana, and focuses on the core of energy production: oxygen-aided ATP production at the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cells. Using Vitality is not a quick fix solution to provide a few hours boost of energy. It is a lifestyle choice that will ensure a solid foundation for sustained energy day-in and day-out.

Vitality should be accompanied by less sugared, processed and caffeinated foods, especially in the morning. Nutrient-dense, whole food, protein rich foods will provide much better fuel to maintain consistent and durable energy levels.

Do the YogaEarth products work in synergy if taken in combination? What is the net impact of taking all products on a regular basis?

Yes. YogaEarth products will yield a greater health and nutrition impact when taken together. Each product has been selected to cover a distinct set of functional benefits that relate to unique body-mind states anchored around the practice of yoga.

YogaEarth products may also be selected and taken according to the health and wellness needs or goals of individuals. Each individual product will deliver the intended and stated functional benefits when taken in isolation.

How are YogaEarth products different than nutritional systems currently on the market?

YogaEarth products represent the only synergistic nutritional system on the market complementary to the practice and lifestyle of yoga. The product key differentiators include:

  • A guiding philosophy grounded in basic yogic principles.
  • A teacher-driven and validated synergy to the practice and lifestyle of yoga.
  • A confluence of disciplines in formulation and ingredient selection.
  • Uncompromising product quality from ingredient origination to final blending.

Why do YogaEarth products have high gram levels per single serving compared to other nutritional systems?

YogaEarth formulation decisions are based on 200 years of clinical, medical and scientific experience of its Nutritional Science Board, existing research and efficacy studies on the impact of selected ingredients and dosage levels and YogaEarth’s own studies to test products with the national yoga community. The targeted functional health benefit goals and the proven dosage levels for selected ingredients drive the formulation process, rather than artificial ceilings such as maximum gram dosage. YogaEarth products deliver upon claims based on safe, appropriate and efficacious dosage levels, and nearly 100% nutritional actives in each serving. No product can deliver the depth and scope of YogaEarth product benefits at lower dosage levels.

Why are YogaEarth nutritional systems powder-based?

The YogaEarth formulations team selected the powder format for both its bioavailabilty, and the ability of powder to integrate a broad range of nutritional actives. Powder does not need fillers or excipients. The body is also able to break this format and assimilate actives down easily without major chemical activity or processes. Finally, powder preserves well and does not need artificial preservatives to maintain product stability